REPUBLICKTRUST.COM, a Private Membership Association which has been formed as a Common Law Business Trust, agrees to provide you (the "Member") a service that enables the Member to use our services to send and receive eLD credits provided those said credits are available in the respective account.

2. Members REPUBLICKTRUST.COM Members are living, breathing men and women upon the Land of the united states of America, exercising their freedoms to contract with one another for the purposes and services provided within this Association.

3. General - Any and all claims or disputes relating to the Association or its services shall be resolved by binding arbitration, and Member hereby agrees to abide by the judgement of the arbitrator.

4. In the event that your account is permanently frozen for any reason, it will remain so for 90 days to clear against any chargebacks, after which the entire remaining balance of your account will be redeemed to you in silver or an equitable commodity at the address on file with us.

5. Nature of the Service - The eLD service is offered and provided by this Association for the express purpose of allowing you, the Member, to send and receive eLD credits. You agree that your eLD credits are Negotiable Digital Warehouse Receipts for all of the silver or other commodities you purchase from, or for any silver or other commodity you may bail into the possession of REPUBLICKTRUST.COM, the terms of which are contained herein.

6. Silver Base - THE LIBERTY DOLLAR NETWORK currently uses a Silver Base of Twenty-five Dollars ($25) Per Ounce. Each eLD credit equal to one cent ($0.01) is a Digital Bearer Warehouse Receipt for one two hundred fiftieth part of one ounce of .999 fine silver, or an equivalent value against any other item or commodity, which is stored in the name of BEARER at our Warehouse Facilities, and is transferable by you to any other Member of the Association via this system, at which time title to such silver is conveyed by you to the recipient.

7. Negotiable Digital Warehouse Receipt - Your ELD Account PROVIDED BY REPUBLICKTRUST.COM constitutes an aggregate Negotiable Digital Warehouse Receipt certified by me, Katherine Hicks, such statement being my authorized electronic signature, and issued upon the date when you purchase or bail silver OR ANY OTHER COMMODITY into your Account, valued against a specific volume of .999 Fine Silver Bullion in various forms, which is owned by you and stored in our warehousing facility at 106 Ohio Avenue North, Live Oak Florida 32064 or at another location contracted to REPUBLICKTRUST.COM, said Bullion being valued by our mutual agreement at Twenty-five Dollars USD per ounce The enumerated Total Dollar Value Balance of your account indicates precisely, by dividing said Balance by Twenty-five, the total value of commodities owned by you as compared to ounces of .999 fine silver;

8. REPUBLICKTRUST.COM maintains the ELD System as a means of providing you with the ability to electronically convey title to your commodities to other parties, and will remit to the Account Owner (Bearer) in receipt of title from you by virtue of transfer from your ELD Account to theirs, a commodity equal to the amount of said transfer upon demand;

9. Your use of the ELD System indicates your agreement with all of the foregoing, and your acceptance of the Service Agreement between You and REPUBLICKTRUST.COM.