The Republick Trust is growing rapidly, and we’re in search of Entrepreneurs who would be interested in opening local Republick Trust Branch Offices. This is a Business Franchise Opportuity, wherein you will be trained in how to educate local merchants and residents about the benefits of using silver backed Liberty Dollars, and how accepting these Silver Certificates and eLD will extend purchasing power and bring more profits into their establishments. You'll explain clearly that Liberty Dollars are not Legal Tender, because they are not issued by any government. You'll explain that Liberty Dollars have genuine, solid value and can be spent legally with any willing recipient.

You'll help local merchants get registered with LDN as Liberty Merchants, which means we'll list them on the website so Members know where to spend their Liberty Dollars, and where the Merchants can spend and use them in turn. They can also add their merchandise to their eLD Account Shopping Cart, so that all Republick Trust Members can find and order them.

Republick Trust Branch Offices will perform several services similar to what a bank does. At a Branch Office, people with Liberty Dollar Warehouse Receipts can exchange them for eLD in their eLD Accounts (similar to making a deposit at the bank), or they can exchange eLD for Warehouse Receipts to carry with them—just like a withdrawal. We’ll be adding more services soon, including loans, trust services and record-keeping services, but this is just the beginning.

Liberty Dollars can have significant positive effects on the local economy. As more of the spending power of the community remains circulating among merchants and businesses within the community itself, local business profits will rise. As profits rise, more jobs will be created and more new businesses will find opportunities to begin. Local folks who save Liberty Dollars can conserve spending power for when inflation shows its face again, since the face value of the Liberty Dollars will actually rise along with the price of silver.

In order to open a Republick Trust Branch Office, you will need a computer, a place to store your Liberty Dollars safely, and somewhere to store items that are bailed in. This can be a small storage space in the beginning, but it may grow rapidly, and it’s an important part of your Branch Office business plan.

Bailment means the acto of accepting something into your warehouse and providing a receipt for it, so that the owner can redeem it (get it back) at a later date. If that receipt is what is known as a “Bearer Receipt,” then it becomes a lawful negotiable instrument, and can be used as a form of money. Whoever has it in their possession is the rightful holder of the receipt, and the rightful holder of the receipt is the one who can use that receipt to redeem anything stored in the warehouse.

Because of this process, your Branch Offfice can accept anything at all for bailment, and there are two options:

1) You can accept the bailment yourself, giving the customer receipts (Liberty Dollars) from your own possession, and the you can accept the Liberty Dollars when the item is finally redeemed. And you, and you alone, get to decide how much value you assigned to the bailment, and how much it will take to redeem it.

2) If the bailment is bigger than you can handle, or you’re not sure what to value it at, you can contact our main office. One of our senior staff will get with you about handling the bailment through the main office, and you will still have opportunities to earn profits on the redemption.

As a Republick Trust Branch Office, you will be able to earn money in several ways. First, you’ll get a small commission on every transaction fee we earn from every new Member you sign up... and everyone they sign up... and everyone they sign up, three levels deep! Second, you’ll earn $2 eLD per month for every customer of your Branch. Third, you’ll earn fees for making withdrawals, taking deposits and printing statements. You can also earn money by converting eLD or Liberty Dollars to FRN’s, or handling silver redemptions–these are both optional—and there will be other services added soon. Each of them will add to the profits of your Branch Office.

Opening a regional Branch Office could mean that you serve a wide area. If you are considering this opportunity, we encourage you to think about the area you will serve and its population. Look into the demographics of your area and then decide how large an area you can serve.

Opening a Branch Office of the Republick Trust is a business opportunity unlike any other, because you will be at the center of a sound money revival. Besides the services listed above, you’ll also have access to Marketing Materials and Promotional Aids that local Liberty Merchants will buy from you, and all Liberty Dollars in your area will be sold through your office, with a profit of 5-10% to you each time. The Certificates you take in can be reissued when more people come in to get them, earning you yet another commission and transaction fee. You'll also earn fees on transactions at your office, commissions on eLD used by Members you recruit, and more commissions from our Liberty Dollar General Store, an online marketplace where eLD can buy thousands and thousands of commonly needed products. Liberty Dollar General Store carries just about anything the average person needs, even groceries; and Merchants and other businesspeople will find that they can buy office and business supplies, equipment and even merchandise at wholesale prices there. And of course, everyone saves when they use Liberty Dollars, because they get them from you at a discount off the face value.

Think about it—you'll actually make money by putting new money into your community and helping people manage and spend it! Can you think of anything better than knowing that your business is helping your Community to be wealthier and more stable than ever before?

While we can't guarantee your profitability, we anticipate a profit range at least in the high five figures, even in your first year. Best makes this one of the best possible Mom and Pop operations. Between all that we have to offer, this ought to be one of the best Franchise Deals around this year.

There are numerous benefits and services that Branches will offer to Merchants and the Public alike that have their own inherent profitability, and all of them make this a wonderful small business opportunity. Your success as an LDN Branch Office will depend only on your commitment to the business and to your communities.

Opening a Branch Office requires you to complete an application and then a Skype Interview with Kathy. Afterward, if you’re approved, you’ll pay the Franchise Fee of $49.95 a month, and you'll need to purchase between twenty and fifty ounces of silver so that you can have Certificates on hand. That will run you between $400 and $1000 at the current Branch Office discount rate.

We’ll give you training on how to manage the Branch via video feeds and written materials, and then you’ll need to secure a location—unless you happen to live in an area where you can run your office from home. You’ll need a computer and possibly a cash register, and we’ll give you all the tools you need to provide the services your customers will come to you for, just like the tellers do at your local bank. This enables you to help your customers buy silver and make exchanges from paper Liberty Dollars to eLD and back, and that will be important. With Liberty Dollar General Store coming onto the scene, it won’t be long before many other companies and websites will be accepting eLD right along with them.

You’ll have additional opportunities, as well. Branches will be able, optionally, to do exchanges from LD to Official Legal Tender for whatever country you live in (and other currencies like Bitcoin, Common Good and Trade Dollars). You can set your own exchange rate, and make extra money this way. There are other services that will be coming along shortly, as well.

You can take a look at the Franchise Agreement HERE. This is an awesome opportunity for someone who really wants to have an exciting business of their own. To get started right away, just choose your package below.

The Basic Plan--You can get started with a monthly franchise subscription of only $49.95 per month. This makes you an official Branch Office. You'll pay $49.95 per month and get access to all of our Customer Service Abilities in your eLD Account, so you can make deposits, withdrawals, print statements and much more. However, you will still need to fund your account. You can use one of the purchase options on the next page to buy silver, or contact us to bail in your own.

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