1. The Members of, a Private Membership Association, being living and breathing men and women upon the land of the united states of America, hereby declare that our primary purpose is to protect and maintain our right to freedom of choice regarding the use of alternative currencies and payment systems by asserting our private rights.

2. As members, we affirm our belief that all Americans, particularly members of private membership associations, have and enjoy the right of freedom of association, speech, assembly, belief, and associated activities. These are our inalienable rights.

3. We declare and assert the right to seek among ourselves the advice and counsel of those we trust in regards to alternative currencies and methods of payment. We assert these rights under the Common Law.

4. We claim our freedom to choose and accept for ourselves the types of transactions in which we choose to engage, and the forms of payment we wish to employ, with our approval.

5. This Association welcomes all Members, without respect to race, creed or religion, who are in accordance with our principles and policies, to be Members of the Association for as long as they choose.


I understand that the Officers and Management of provide services or advice in the capacity of fellow Members in a private manner and not in any professional capacity. I understand that by becoming a Member of this Association, I freely choose to change my legal status from that of a Public Customer, to that of a Private Membership Associaiton Member-Client. I realize that in doing so I relinquish certain de facto Federal and State protections and privileges while retaining my right to freedom of choice.

I understand that it is my personal responsibility to evaluate the services offered and to educate myself as to their benefits, risks, or desirability. I agree that the actions I take in this regard are my own free will decisions. As a Member, I will exercise my rights for my own benefit and agree to hold harmless, its officers and managers from any unintentional liability that might result from the advice or services I receive, except from the harm that could remotely result from an instance of “a clear and present danger of substantive evil” – as determined by the Association and defined by the United States Supreme Court.

I understand and accept that the Association is exempt from any action of de facto Federal and State agencies entrusted to “protect the public” as it relates to any complaints or grievances against the Association, its physical premises or equipment, its Trustees, officers and managers or other associated staff or consultants. All complaints or grievances will be settled by binding arbitration. Also, those membership and private member records kept by the Association are strictly protected and can only be released upon written consent of the subject Member.

I agree that I am joining this Private Membership Association under the common law. I understand that Members seek to help each other achieve and sustain personal financial security and wealth.

My activities within the Association are a private matter and I refuse to share them with any Federal or State regulatory enforcement agency, except as required under common law.

I enter into this agreement of my own free will, or on behalf of a lawful dependent, without any pressure or promise of benefit. I affirm that I do not represent any state or federal agency whose purpose is to regulate financial transactions and service providers. I accept that membership does not entitle me to any voting interest in the Association. I acknowledge I am not liable for any debts, liabilities, suits or judgments against the Association.

I have read and understand this agreement and any questions I had were answered fully to my satisfaction. This document consists of my entire agreement for Membership and supersedes any previous agreement I may have made.

By my continued use of the republicktrust,com websites and services, I am confirming my intent to abide by this agreement, and that my continued use shall serve as witness of such intent.